Service System Pro incl.R-40 Racing Oil, X-70 Cleaner, S-90 Tuning Fluid & Tune-Up Accessories

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Part-No.: 03631 Service System Pro


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Service System Pro - Simply better driving!

The full line of race proven servicing products and helpful aids that simplifies slot car maintenance for maximum performance results at home or competition events and for keeping cars in top condition. The professional maintenance products also works great on all technical components including electric motors, hand controllers, etc.!

The Service System Pro provides the complete servicing package that comes with instructions, service checklists and servicing tips.

1 Speed Lube R-40 Ball-Bearing & Bushing Racing Oil, also for gears etc. 1.01fl.oz. (30ml), 1 Power Boost X-70 Universal Braid Contact & Cleaning Fluid, also universally usable 1.01fl.oz. (30ml), 1 Racing Fluid S-90 Braid Performance & Tyre Conditioner for full rubber and sponge 1.01fl.oz. (30ml), 1 Pin Point Oiler Bottle, 1 Grip Pad, 1 Special Care Cloth and Instructions.

The combined maintenance system offers a high degree of user-friendliness and further advantages • Professional grade fluids make simple for use • Suitable for all kind of model motor racing - modern and vintage • Highly effective but harmless to all materials including plastics • Additional long term material care effect • In case of over oiling or elimination of existing fluid residues, affected parts can be cleaned with X-70 Power Boost • Easy squeezable and handy plastic bottles featuring a special dispenser with solid screw cap for simple storage and safe transportation • All products are odorless as well as non-synthetic, non-resinous, acid and solvent free.

In addition, the Service System Pro comes with a set of tune-up accessories including an Pin Point Oiler Bottle (empty - to be filled with R-40 Racing Oil) featuring a screw cap, separate cannula cap with holding fixture and a metal cannula for precise lubrication, a Grip Pad with a hinged metal lid and textured textile surface (dry - to be moistened with S-90 Racing Fluid) to roll over rear tyres, and a Special Care Cloth (lint-free, absorbent and washable) as helpful aids.

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