Clubman Special Tuning King-Cobra orange KIT w.Decals

Manufacturer: MRRC

Order Number: MC106CP03804

Part-No.: 03122 Clubman Tuning Car KIT


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Content: 1 pc.
€43.79 *
CLUBMAN SPECIAL Tuning model racer features super-detailed high impact scale body (unpainted) that comes fully equipped with interior, driver, car body detailing accessories, authentic wheels and decal sheet for decoration.

The technical conception incorporates an all aluminum CLUBMAN SPECIAL in-line MK3 frame chassis with several new and original features. Comes equipped with a durable universal guide, extra soft braid with quick release mounting clips, ultra flexible motor lead wire, pre-bent brass lead wire contact clips, low friction hardened steel blank shaft axles, flanged bronze bearings, acetal plastic 9T motor pinion, solid plastic 28T axle crown gear with aluminum boss and set screw fixing, precision machined aluminum wheel rims with set screw fixing, full rubber tyres, S4 Super motor (20000rpm@12v), all rugged hardware and accessories. A removable chassis traction magnet for stability control and improved road holding is part of the technical equipment.

An additional tuning parts selection includes 1x racing guide, 1x acetal plastic 8T motor pinion, 1x acetal plastic 10T motor pinion, 2x special rubber SP002 rear tyres, 1x Power16 motor (16000rpm@12v), 1x Power26 motor (26000rpm@12v), 1x high downforce chassis traction magnet and 1x chassis trim ballast plate. Beside different individual part combinations for racing with or without chassis traction magent, this slot car can be build with a choice of 3 main technical configurations and 9 Set-Up options.

MRRC SelctDRIVE slot car self-construction kit for the advanced modeller. Contains all the necessary parts to build a complete model racer in 1/32 scale plus optional tuning parts equipment.

Package contains 1 slot car kit with additional tuning parts.

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