Chassis Monza M1 f.Wheelbase 2.716-3.700“/69-94mm

Chassis Monza M1 f.Wheelbase 2.716-3.700“/69-94mm

Manufacturer: MRRC

Order Number: MC113M16994A

Part-No.: 03038 Chassis M1


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The MONZA type M1 is a compact and lightweight plastic sidewinder chassis. Motor mounts for 333 and SlimLine motors are incorporated in the chassis. Fits MRRC slot cars equipped with MONZA chassis featuring single front axle carrier.

Chassis can be individually completed and offers special mount sections to position optional tuning equipment for personal performance settings with or without traction magnets.

Package contains 1 two-piece chassis and 4 guide washer.

Monza M1: • Slot car chassis 1/32 scale, • Designed for authentic model motor racing on home race sets and club tracks, • Sidewinder conception with mid engine in transverse installation, • Rear wheel drive, • Extra low profile design, • Front axle carrier with self-adjust swing axle, • Two-piece chassis for accurate screw assembly, • Motor brackets fits 333 and SlimLine motors, • Made of special polymer plastic material.

Options: • Front section to fit A-type traction magnets or trim weights, • Center section to fit A-type traction magnets or trim weights, • Rear section to fit A-type traction magnets or trim weights, • Side sections to mount C-type trim weights, • Motor mounting with optional screw fixing.

Dimensions and Weight: • Distance guide to rear axle at least 2.913“ (74mm) by shortest wheelbase 2.716“ (69mm), • Height 0.401“ (10.2mm) front / 0.354 (9.0mm) center / 0.646“ (11.8mm) rear - 0.472“ (12.0mm) rear with motor mounted inside chassis, • Width 1.003“ (25.5mm) front / 1.771“ (45.0mm) center / 0.960“ (24.4mm) rear, • Adjustable wheelbase from 2.716“ (69mm) to 3.700“ (94mm), • Weight 8.2 gram, • Guide holder fits Ø5/33“ (3.8mm) guides, • Front axle mount brackets fits Ø3/32“ (2.38mm) axles, • Rear axle mount brackets fits Ø11/16“ (4.5mm) bearings.

Notes: • Standard car body mounting holes for screw fixing fits suitable sized MRRC bodies (see Car Bodies for details), or where possible, screw holes of car bodies made by other makers.

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