Model Road Racing Cars & Accessories

MRRC slot cars and accessories are made to 1/32nd scale unless stated otherwise.


MRRC cars are compatible with all standard track and slot car racing systems in 1/32 and 1/24 scale form current and past production (for example AIRFIX/MRRC Motor Racing & MotorAce, ARTIN Professional, CARRERA Evolution & 124, FALLER Club Racing, FLEISCHMANN Auto Rallye & Rallye Monte Carlo, NINCO, POLICAR 1/32 & 1/24, POLISTIL Champion 175 & F.1 Professional, RACY, RIGGEN, Scalextric Classic Track & Sport Track & Start Track & Super124, STABO StaboCar & Silvercup, STROMBECKER 1/32 & 1/24, SCX The Original System & 1/32 Scale Racing System, SUPERSLOT, and similar) operating between 9 to 15 volts direct current (DC). Original MRRC equipped cars are not suitable for use in conjunction with digital track systems. Full range of spare parts and tuning accessories for MRRC cars are available separately. 

Braid Settings

For best driving operation and performance results correct braid setting is most important. Therefore the contact braid on the car must match with the power rails of the track the car is raced on. Due to the different type of track also the position of braid setting can vary. For a correct positioning the braids can easily be adjusted:


When power track rails are positioned NEAR beside the slot, also the braids must be positioned NEAR both sides at end of the guide.

When power track rails are positioned WIDE beside the slot, also the braids must be positioned WIDE offset both sides at end of the guide.


If needed the contact area of braids can be enlarged by pushing the braid ends - of fixed braid inside the guide - forwards in driving direction.

Take care that braid is never too long. It is important that the braid ends can’t touch to avoid short circuit.
For a perfect current consumption on all track circuits and style of racing different type of braid is available.

Driving Directions


In some instances it may be found that a car travels in the opposite direction on a track compared to other cars. It is a simple matter to correct this by doing the following: The 2 wires that go to the guide on the car can be swapped over.

To make this easier the chassis can be removed from the car body by unscrewing the fixing screws. Please keep these screws in the order that they were removed as some cars may have different length screws.


Cars featuring TractionPlus chassis are equipped with chassis magnet (A) for anti-slip and improved road holding. Traction magnet can be placed to different chassis positions (B) resulting in different road holding or driving skill levels. In addition downforce can be altered to the driving style preferred by use of optional chassis magnets of varied force available separately. Alternatively, magnet can be removed (C) from the chassis completely.

Note: Chassis magnets will not work in combination with power rails made of non magnetic materials. When racing original TractionPlus equipped cars without chassis magnet (or racing cars with chassis magnet on non magnetic power rails) a reduced voltage between 6 to 12 volts as depending to the race circuit layout and track conditions is recommended.

Skill Levels

Skill Level 1
Products for general use suitable from the beginner to expert driver. Cars can be mostly driven with standard type controller and transformer as normally incorporated in the Home Racing circuit. Parts can be handled primarily by use of basic tools and common modelling accessories.

Skill Level 2
Products for advanced use in conjunction with upgraded Home Racing circuit or Club Racing track. Cars more challenging. Parts use may need special track equipment, tools or accessories. More powerful motors requires controller with lower resistance and consume more current than those normally incorporated in the Home Racing circuit.

Skill Level 3
Products for specialist use to race on professional equipped tracks or Model Raceways. Cars and parts most challenging. Products specially designed for the racing expert and experienced car builder.


All MRRC and SRP products are primarily designed and developed for adult use and not suitable for children under 15 years of age due to small components and parts. Cars and parts can be used in combination with nearly all type track, but some specialist track like obstacle or off road sections etc. may be impassable. MRRC cars, accessories and racing components are full compatible with the original (analogue) slot racing system and may not be suitable for use in conjunction with digital track systems.

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MRRC reserves the right to alter designs, specifications and colours without prior notice. Pictures are for illustration only and may not conform exactly to production items. Sizes given are approximate. Product availability dates may be subject to amendment.